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Welcome to our website. The Michigan Headache Clinic has been evolving in Michigan since 1981 and consists of our centrally located headache clinic, our web-based headache information pages and a working relationship we have developed with many skilled colleagues in different parts of Michigan over the years.

We are a headache clinic located in East Lansing, Michigan and we see patients from most parts of Michigan and surrounding states as well as Canada.

The Michigan Headache Clinic is a treatment program for people with headache disorders. We have pioneered the use of electronic medical records many years ago. In recent years, we have been leaders in the use of computer-assisted patient history taking.

Our technology allows us the luxury of spending more time with our patients during clinic visits. It is our belief that detailed medical histories, unhurried visits and good communication with other professionals will lead to optimal medical care.

Edmund Messina MD
Board Certified in Neurology and Headache Medicine
Medical Director

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