In Between Visits

In between visits at our clinic, the patient is asked to be observant. Our patients become quite skilled at finding triggers and patterns after a while. The patient is sometimes given written instructions about adjusting and tapering medications.

After the plan is set in motion, and you have your instructions, please keep track of your symptoms, take your medications as instructed and get all tests and records as requested. Please remember to bring the actual tests (CDs if an MRI or CT) to the return visit so the doctor can review them with you. You may have a symptom calendar or checklist to maintain in the time between visits, so please remember to bring these materials with you.

Some patients will perforate these papers and keep them in their personal planners. Others will keep these materials in a dedicated notebook or file folder which they bring to each visit.

If you have a question about your condition that cannot wait until your next visit, please call to speak with the nurse on phone duty. She will have immediate access to your medical record and will be able to answer your questions. When physician input is needed, she will gather appropriate information, discuss it with the physician and get back to you later that day. Please do not fax inquiries to us, there is no way to safely deal with them at the present time. You must make personal communication with the nurse. If you send us an email, please understand that it may not reach us in a timely manner and it should only be used for non-critical uses. If you have a pressing problem, please call rather than write.