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What we have been doing for our patients and colleagues:

- Recent podcasts & videos by Dr. Messina:

The Headache Situation™ is a website dedicated to informing the public about how to get better care for headache problems. Check our our unbiased videos and podcasts. Presented as a public service by The Michigan Headache and Neurology Clinic™

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- Recent book by Dr. Messina:

Dr. Messina has written a narrative nonfiction memoir about what it was like to train in Chicago's toughest medicine programs. It is called The Spattered White Coat.

- Recent book chapter by Dr. Messina

Evaluation of the Headache Patient in the Computer Age (Chapter), by Edmund Messina MD, in Headache and Migraine: Biology and Management, Elsevier, 2015.

- Recent movies by Dr. Messina

"Life and Migraine"

See the award-winning documentary we made for PBS. The film is intended to increase awareness of migraine and to empower sufferers. It helps nonheadache people, like spouses and employers, to better understand what it is like to get such severe headaches. See more about it on the IMDB page.

Click here to watch the 'Life and Migraine'movie (26 minutes)

"Lily's Mom"

Lily's Mom is a dramatic feature film created by Dr. Messina and staff, about the difficulties of a woman battling depression and crippling headaches. See more about it on our IMDB page. Although this is a fictional piece, it demonstrates the need for patients to become their own advocates. It was widely shown in film festivals in the 2011 season. The film won an award in the Dramatic Feature category and was Official Choice of the Indie Gathering International Film Festival in Cleveland. Other showings include the Saginaw Riverside Film Festival and East Lansing Film Festival. The film was nominated for the prestigious Voice Award in Hollywood.

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- How to manage stress and headaches with autorelaxation techniques:

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