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Ethics Statement

It is the distinct stand of this practice to have no financial interest whatsoever in any testing facilities, therapy centers, laboratories or pharmaceutical companies. We in no way derive any financial benefit from any referrals made for testing, treatment or other medical opinions.

We accept referrals with the intention of furthering the patient's health status and we do not accept any referrals from the legal community to prove or disprove a patient's illness or disability. This is a treatment oriented practice and we are of little help in dealing with persons who are not motivated to get better.

Ours is a fiercely independent clinic. We have no allegiance to any insurance companies or hospital corporations. We are the patient's advocate and we will work with the patient only in settings where there is no interference from claims officers or "case managers". We will not tolerate any bargaining or negotiating for what we recommend in the interest of the patient.

Sorry, but we do not work with Workman's compensation or automobile casualty carriers.

We do not encourage the seeking of disability but will aid our patients when appropriate. Our reason for treating patients is to return them to a functional life whenever possible and we will encourage change of career when necessary.