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How we manage Headache Pain

We treat headaches with the successful combination of evaluation, micromanagement and education.

We work as a team consisting of a Neurologist specializing in headache medicine, a specially trained Nurse Practitioner, 2 Registered Nurses, Medical Assistants and an efficient administrative support staff. The patient is always seen by the physician to make diagnosis and treatment plans and to oversee patient progress. Ongoing management is accomplished through the collaboration of our Physician, Nurse Practitioner and our Registered Nurses. Patient education, phone support and assessment of progress are performed by our Registered Nurses. Efficient reception, checkout and billing staff members all contribute to the overall result.

On a first visit, we spend a good deal of time reviewing the computer-assisted medical history and performing a detailed neurological examination in order to formulate a solid evaluation and treatment plan. We follow our patients closely and adjust their plans based on treatment response.

There is no substitute for correct diagnosis, careful follow-up, good patient education and solid nursing support.

Medications are not the only approach we take. It is often a question of lifestyle change, physical therapy, coordination of hormone changes with the primary physician and gynecologist, as well as other strategies to get the job done. We also offer the new, FDA-approved method of Botox® to suppress chronic migraine.

Suffice it to say that we have a unique way of evaluating and treating our patients, based on the needs of our changing society, the need for good communication and our proprietary computer technology.